University of Salzburg

  • Nonclassical logics. Level 2-3/MA seminar.
  • Philosophy of logic. Level 2-3/MA seminar.
  • Philosophy of logic. Level 2-3/MA lecture course.
  • Ethics for a Broken World. Level 2-3/MA seminar.
  • Truth and Paradox. Level 2-3/MA seminar.
  • Epistemology of Logic. Level 2-3/MA seminar.
  • Logic I and II. Exercise classes.
  • Realism and Anti-realism. Level 2-3/MA seminar.
  • Philosophy of Language. Level 2-3/MA lecture course.

University of Kent

  • Inferentialism and the Epistemology of Logic. MA.
  • Paradoxes. PL582-608. Level 2-3/MA.
  • Philosophy of Language. PL 576-602. Level 2-3/MA.
  • Logic. PL 579-605. Level 2-3/MA.
  • Metaphysics, Truth and Relativism. PL 552-588. Level 2-3.
  • Contemporary Theory of Knowledge. PL 527-585. Level 2-3/MA.
  • University of Kent. Philosophical Reading and Writing. PL315. Level 1.

University of Sheffield

  • Realism and Anti-realism PHI 335/PHI 6630, Level 2-3/MA.

University of Padua

  • Truth and Knowability. Graduate module.