For a full list, please see my CV.


  • May, Pamplona, “The Liar and its Revenge in Context”, Nontransitive Logics Workshop, University of Navarra.
  • March, Montreal, “Generalised revenge”, Workshop on inferentialism, Concordia University.


  • October, Munich, “Classical Harmony”, Workshop on Logical Constants, MCMP.
  • September, Salzburg, “Semantic Paradox and Revenge”, SOPhiA, Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy (Keynote talk).
  • June, Bochum, “Generalised revenge”, Workshop on the Law of Non-Contradiction.


  • September, Amsterdam,”Instability and Revenge”, Logic Colloquium, University of Amsterdam.
  • September, Groningen, “Instability and Revenge”, GroLoG, University of Groningen.
  • July, Salzburg, “Naive Logical Properties and Higher-Order Reasoning”, Context-Relativity in Semantics, University of Salzburg.
  • April, Salzburg, “Naive Logical Properties and Higher-Order Reasoning”, Salzburg-Irvine Workshop, University of Salzburg.
  • March, London,”Naive Logical Properties and Higher-Order Reasoning” , Institute of Philosophy, Logic, Epistemology and Metaphysics Forum.


  • December, Neuchâtel, “Naive Logical Properties and Higher-Order Reasoning”, University of Neuchâtel.
  • November, Groningen, “Naive Logical Properties and Higher-Order Reasoning”, Departmental Seminar.
  • June, Rome, “Instability and Revenge”, University of Rome III.
  • March, Bristol, “Classical Harmony and Separability”, University of Bristol, Departmental Seminar.
  • March, Oxford, “Instability and Revenge”, Philosophy of Mathematics Seminar, University of Oxford.


  • December, Bochum, “Instability and Revenge”, University of Bochum, workshop on semantic paradoxes.
  • November, Barcelona, “Instability and Revenge”, Substructural Approaches to Semantic Paradox, Logos, University 
of Barcelona.
  • April, Buenos Aires: “The Inexpressibility of Validity”, Oxford-Buenos Aires workshop on Truth, paradoxes and inexpressibility, University of Buenos Aires.


  • May, Padua: “The Paradox of Deniability”, Workshop on the Philosophy of Logic, Cogito, Research Centre for Philosophy and University of Padua.
  • January, Canterbury: “Classical Harmony and Separability”, Departmental Seminar.


  • July, Nancy, “Validity and the Unprovability of Consistency”, 14th Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, University of Nancy.
  • June, Barcelona, “Validity Curry”, BW7, Paradoxes of Truth and Denotation, Logos, University of Barcelona.
  • May, Munich: “Harmony and Separability in Classical Logic”, Work in Progress Seminar, MCMP, LMU.
  • April, St Andrews: “Validity Curry”, Fifth Foundations of Logical Consequence Workshop, Archè, University of St Andrews.


  • September, Siena: “Manifestability and Decidability”, Workshop on Epistemic Conceptions of Truth, University of Siena.
  • September, Aberdeen: “Inferentialism and Incompleteness”, Logical and Language Conference, Northern Institute of Philosophy and Institute of Philosophy.
  • June, St Andrews: “Validity and the Unprovability of Consistency”, Foundations of Logical Consequence Conference, Arché.
  • June, Rome: “Inferentialism without Verificationism: Reply to Dag Prawitz”, Logic and Knowledge, International Conference, University of Rome “La Sapienza”.
  • May, Dubrovnik: “Validity and the Unprovability of Consistency”, OSU/Arché/Maribor con- ference on logical consequence.


  • October, Amsterdam: ‘Carnap’s Categoricity Problem and the Meaning of the Logical Con- stants”, Amsterdam Graduate Philosophy Conference. Commentator: Prof. Dick de Jongh.
  • January , Cambridge: “Inferentialism and the Categoricity Problem” (with O. T. Hjortland), Graduate Conference on the Philosophies of Logic and Mathematics. Commentator: Dr. Peter Smith.


  • June, Canterbury: “Knowability and Bivalence”, BPPC, University of Kent. (Awarded best paper of the 2008 edition of the BPPA.)
  • January, Cambridge: “The Paradox of Idealization”, Graduate Conference on the Philosophies of Logic and Mathematics. Commentator: Luca Incurvati.


  • December, Baltimore: “The Paradox of Idealization” (with S. Florio), Eastern Division of the APA. Commentator: Prof. Joe Salerno.
  • November, Oxford: “The Paradox of Idealization”, 11th Oxford Graduate Conference. Commentator: Prof. Timothy Williamson.
  • November, Paris: “Actuality in Branching Time”, Context–Dependence, Perspective and Relativity in Language and Thought, Ecole Normale Supérieure and Institut Jean Nicod.
  • November, St Andrews: “How Basic is the Basic Revisionary Argument?” (with L. Incurvati), 4th Arché/CSMM Graduate Conference. Commentator: Dr. Marcus Rossberg.
  • April, San Francisco: “The Church-Fitch Paradox and the Problem of Transworld Knowability”, 
Pacific Division of the APA. Commentator: Prof. Roy Cook.
  • January, Miami: “Lotteries, Knowledge and Vagueness”, International Graduate Conference in Epistemology, University of Miami. Commentator: Ben Burgis.