Julien Murzi

Hi! I am an Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the Philosophy Department (KGW) at the University of Salzburg, and an external member of the Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy

I specialise in the Philosophies of Language and Logic, but I have also serious interests in MetaphysicsEpistemology and Semantics.

I did my British PhD in Sheffield, where I was lucky enough to be supervised by Bob Hale and Dominic GregoryI held an Analysis Studentship in St Andrews in 2009-2010, I’ve been a post-doctoral fellow at the Munich Center for Mathematical PhilosophyLudwig-Maximilians-Universität (2010-2012), and a Lecturer in Philosophy at the School of European Culture and LanguagesUniversity of Kent (2012-2015). 

Together with Lorenzo Rossi, I am running a 43 month FWF project on semantic paradox, titled The Liar and its Revenge in Context. There’ll be seminars, workshops, conferences, and more. We will also be hiring a junior post-doc for 18 months. More info on the project soon!

Together with Florian Steinberger (Birkbeck), I ran (2013-2015) a British Academy / Leverhulme project on Inference and Logic. While at Kent, I was director of the Reasoning Club: a world-wide network of research centres whose main research focus is on logic and reasoning.

A copy of my CV is available here. You can find my Salzburg webpage here, my PhilPapers profile here, and my Academia webpage here. Some say I look philosophical.